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Get a great night’s sleep on a new mattress from our South East London stores. 

Budget Mattresses

Budget Quality Mattresses

A great comfortable mattressWe sell mattresses as well as flooring. Budget Carpets offer great deals on no frills mattresses for a great night’s sleep. Think about it you spend half your life in bed so sleeping well governs how you function during the day.

It’s a false economy to save money by not renewing your bed. A bad night’s sleep can result in feeling tired during the daytime. This can have a negative effect on your day ahead. Imagine going to a job interviewing and yawning all the way through it.

Buying a new mattress from Budget Carpets not only guarantees you get a fresh night’s sleep, but you will save money on your new purchase. We currently stock three types of mattress:

as a budget landlord type in single (3’) at £105 and in double (4’6”) at £140. We also stock a ‘ guest ‘ quality mattress which is designed for Guest / occasional use 3’ for £75 and 4’6” for £105. We only sell these 2 styles which are firmly pitched at the budgetTwo types of mattress

  1. Singles 3′ x 6′
  2. Doubles 4.6′ x 6′ Measurements are in feet. These beds have proven popular over the years, among our budget seeking customers.